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Asphalt Cowboy
January 18, 2015, 10:11:48 AM by Asphalt Cowboy
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"Planet X" might actually exist — and so might "Planet Y."

At least two planets larger than Earth likely lurk in the dark depths of space far beyond Pluto, just waiting to be discovered, a new analysis of the orbits of "extreme trans-Neptunian objects" (ETNOs) suggests.

Researchers studied 13 ETNOs — frigid bodies such as the dwarf planet Sedna that cruise around the sun at great distances in elliptical paths. [Meet Our Solar System's Dwarf Planets]

Theory predicts a certain set of details for  ETNO orbits, study team members said. For example, they should have a semi-major axis, or average distance from the sun, of about 150 astronomical units (AU). (1 AU is the distance from Earth to the sun — roughly 93 million miles, or 150 million kilometers.) These orbits should also have an inclination, relative to the plane of the solar system, of almost 0 degrees, among other characteristics.
Asphalt Cowboy
December 13, 2014, 08:47:03 AM by Asphalt Cowboy
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I have following this type of stuff for over 22 years ever since I had a very vivid dream , that night i was standing on my walkway beside the house in the fall time when a fireball rock came across the sky from the south east ..I remember that day like it was yesterday and believe it or not it was the very beginning for me on my journey in the survival shtf world. Ever since then I have been researching , watching studying and waiting for something ... I shit you not I am freaked right out after finding out about this latest info that I have been following. Never before have I publicly shared my dream on here .. until now because I actually believe that all the bunkers , the movement of the alphabet agencies in off the east coast to the mile high city, the seed vault in Norway to all of the other preps that the government has done in the past 5-6 years has something to do with the Rock .. the fact that it is supposed to happen in September 24th has major significance as it coincides with my dream to the T ... time to get serious the farther that I follow this and time will tell but at some point this summer I will stop making mortgage payments in order to stock pile food like an ant !!
Asphalt Cowboy
December 09, 2014, 10:09:40 PM by Asphalt Cowboy
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Environment Canada is warning West Coast residents to brace for an "incredible" series of storms that will bring heavy rain this week.

Most of the downpours and the warm subtropical weather pattern "will bombard the mountains of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland from Monday through Thursday morning" with close to 100 mm of rain, the weather service said.

The succession of three storms this week is the result of an intense jet stream over the Pacific that is gathering warm, moist air from southern latitudes.
The weather system is also forecast to push the freezing level up to 2,500 metres, adding snowmelt to flooding creeks and rivers in the mountains.

Residents are warned to watch out for flooding and water pooling on roads. Damage to buildings, such as to roof shingles and windows, may occur. Wooded areas should be avoided to prevent injury from falling trees or branches.
Asphalt Cowboy
December 08, 2014, 02:12:52 PM by Asphalt Cowboy
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makes sense ... stock up on firewood ...
Asphalt Cowboy
December 08, 2014, 02:01:16 PM by Asphalt Cowboy
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Sourdough Joe
December 05, 2014, 10:30:54 AM by Sourdough Joe
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Asphalt Cowboy
November 29, 2014, 07:42:46 PM by Asphalt Cowboy
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The 10th Planet, called ‘X’, reflecting the Roman numeral for the number 10, moves in a an approx 3,600 years elliptical orbit around our sun.  Planet X is 4 to 8 times the size of earth and 100 times as dense.  The mass of Planet X, like the earth’s moon, would cause massive tide fluctuations as it nears the earth when whipping around the Sun, it is also speculated that the magnetic pull of Planet X will cause the earth’s magnetic poles to shift. It will also case huge solar flares as it nears the sun.  Solar flares take out satellites and their intensity could burn up much of the vegetation on the earth and cause devastating storms and flooding while activating many volcanoes.
November 21, 2014, 01:46:53 AM by akroughneck | Views: 142 | Comments: 2

Hey guys a friend of mine recommend me to this site. So salutations from Alaska!
Sourdough Joe
November 21, 2014, 01:46:18 AM by Sourdough Joe
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Feel free to share any and all info you have, pertaining to the subject matters.
Asphalt Cowboy
November 18, 2014, 05:53:24 PM by Asphalt Cowboy
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5;45 PM Update 11/18/14
NY State Thruway south of Buffalo, courtesy New York State Police. 51" of snow south of Cheektowaga, NY. Check back for an album of pictures by around 9 PM.

Asphalt Cowboy
November 18, 2014, 11:35:58 AM by Asphalt Cowboy
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well I guess after a couple years we can all come clean so that we can sleep at night eh .. numptys

Tepco has injected cement into the joints that connect the tunnels, which are used to run cables, and the building to halt the flow of contaminated water and remove accumulations from the tunnels.

But water levels suggest the effort has remained unsuccessful so far, the officials said. The company began the cement injections after failing to create an “ice wall” over the summer by freezing water inside the joints that would have blocked the flows.

After the cement injections, Tepco pumped 200 tons of tainted water out of the tunnels Monday, causing levels inside to fall around 20 cm, the officials said.

However, if the joints were completely sealed, water levels would have fallen roughly 80 cm, the officials said, indicating the possibility that contaminated water is still flowing into the tunnels.

The officials also noted the possibility that groundwater may be flowing into the tunnels. However, recent data has shown that the amount of radioactive materials in the tunnel water was very high, an official in the Nuclear Regulation Authority said.

“Concentrations should have been lower if large amounts of groundwater are really flowing in,” the official noted.

If the cement injections end in failure, too, Tepco plans to remove radioactive water while injecting cement into the tunnel — an operation that could put plant workers at greater risk of radiation exposure.

The tunnels are believed to contain some 5,000 tons of tainted water. Some observers believe the water may be leaking into the ground and reaching the Pacific.
Asphalt Cowboy
November 18, 2014, 11:31:32 AM by Asphalt Cowboy
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Unprecedented amounts of rainfall battered parts of France, Switzerland and northern Italy in the last two weeks causing severe flooding and landslides throughout the region. The second round of powerful storms and widespread flooding hit the region over the weekend with the third round forecasted for Monday and Tuesday, November 17 and 18, 2014. Both Switzerland and Italy have issued major flood alerts.

In just a few days, border region of Switzerland and Italy has seen more rain than it would normally expect in a year.

​In a 24 hour period (November 15 to 16, 2014) a 159 mm (6.25 inches) of rain was recorded in Italian port city of Genova. Milano received 102 mm (4 inches) during the same period. While annual rainfall plus snowfall average for Genova is 1 079 mm (42.6 inches), Milano's receives an average of 920 mm (36.2 inches) per year.
Asphalt Cowboy
November 10, 2014, 10:23:56 AM by Asphalt Cowboy
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looks like its going to a fairly nice winter up here for a change , already this month we would have been -25 to -40 like last year , we haven't even seen -15 yet with most days around -8 or warmer

Writes the Seattle Times:

“The North Pacific hasn’t been this warm ever, as far as anyone knows. It’s really strange,” said Bill Peterson, oceanographer with NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Newport, Ore. “It looks like an El Niño, but it really isn’t. We don’t really know what it is.”

Adds the Alaska Dispatch News:

“This is the warmest we’ve seen in 17 years. We believe that to be significant,” said Russell Hopcroft, a professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences and chief scientist for the long-term monitoring program.

And the San Jose Mercury News says the water in parts of Central and Southern California is warm enough for a swim:

Temperatures off the California coast are currently 5 to 6 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than historic averages for this time of year — among the warmest autumn conditions of any time in the past 30 years.

“It’s not bathtub temperature,” said Nate Mantua, a research scientist with the National Marine Fisheries Service in Santa Cruz, “but it is swimmable on a sunny day.”
Asphalt Cowboy
November 03, 2014, 10:54:03 AM by Asphalt Cowboy
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The Reproduction Rate of Ebola Defies Logic

Many Americans are stumped by the fact that the Ebola virus is not progressing at the expected rate according to the very conservative Reproduction Rate (R0) projections made by the CDC. The reason for this is simple, we obviously are not dealing with Ebola Restin or Ebola Zaire as we have been told. Further, the majority of Americans who have been suspected of having contracted Ebola are overwhelmingly medical personnel. This makes no sense. Once the virus is inside of the United States, it would spread far more quickly among general population than it would among the far less numerous medical personnel. Our country is doing NOTHING to present the spread of the virus, yet it is not spreading. Statistically, speaking we should have to go no further than this to realize that something is terribly wrong and the public is being lied to.

Based upon the actuaries that can be run in any SPSS statistical data base will tell you that the number of Ebola cases in the United States should approaching a thousand cases in advance of the exponential explosion which should be coming in about a month to six weeks. Yet, the infamous Dr. Spencer is the only known active case in America. This defies logic until one considers the fact that what is loose inside of the United States is not the much feared Ebola. Isn’t it interesting that we never hear or read about lab reports of the make up of the virus in the aftermath of the death of Thomas Duncan? This is more proof that MSM investigative journalism is dead and buried.

Despite the Lack of Ebola Cases, the Administration Continues to Prepare

In the past six weeks, I have reported on the following:

1. The State Department ordered 165,000 Hazmat suits.

2. A total of 250,000 Hazmat suits are headed to Dallas.

3. The administration has ordered over a million Hazmat suits.

4. Bio-warfare labs are being relocated to African countries which do not have a treaty with the United Nations which would prevent such a move.

5. The development of Ebola vaccines continues at a dangerous and hasty speed and will be ready in January of 2015.

6. FEMA is conducting multiple “pandemic” drills this month.

7. Transport services designed to transport and then confine “Ebola” exposed individuals and patients have been set up by Human Health Services. Yet, these quarantine camps do not contain provisions for medical personnel.

8. Obama has expanded Executive Order 13295 in which a person can be forcibly quarantined for asthma, or a chest cold or anything else. This is a mass detention order.

Does anyone else think that these preparations are bit much for the one case of so-called Ebola that we presently have inside of the United States?
Asphalt Cowboy
November 02, 2014, 08:54:55 AM by Asphalt Cowboy
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Asphalt Cowboy
October 30, 2014, 10:28:27 AM by Asphalt Cowboy
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hate to be over there right now ,, gonna be some starving, freezing people

DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) -- Dark tunnels in the basement of a bombed-out hospital in the eastern city of Donetsk lead to a makeshift shelter. Opening the door hardly alleviates the gloom, for the only lighting inside is the flicker of handmade oil lamps.

The inhabitants move around like shadows, eyes dull and faces weary with hardship, dressed in several layers of worn-out sweatshirts, vests and jackets. The tiny rooms are lit with sunflower oil poured into saucers and set aflame.

These people took refuge in the abandoned hospital's basement after their own homes were destroyed. They are either too poor or old to flee the brutal separatist war that has ravaged Ukraine's east. Their dire situation is about to become much worse as Donetsk, which has lost nearly half of its 1 million-strong population, braces for winter. In eastern Ukraine, where temperatures typically stay below freezing all winter, damage to critical infrastructure and lack of adequate shelter for the newly homeless could mean death from cold for many.
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April 20, 2012, 02:38:18 PM by firefighter001 | Views: 1724 | Comments: 2

The Fallacy of Bugging Out – Are You Prepared to Be a Refugee?
The News - Disaster Preparedness
 April 19, 2012

Many websites, blogs and forums have covered the to
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